Getting fit with your pet: It’s time to ‘Step It Up!’

AVMA Supports the NIH in Getting People Walking with their Pets

It’s not every day that we get to bring our dogs to work, but last Friday, Dr. Elise Ackley and I were proud to bring in our four-legged canines, Bula and Voodoo, to support a good cause.


We participated in a one-mile walk around the nation’s capital to raise awareness about Step It Up!, a new initiative launched by the Surgeon General to promote walking and more walkable communities for Americans. With more than one-third of adults over the age of 20 suffering from obesity, which contributes to a high risk of developing a chronic disease such as heart disease or diabetes, the call to action urges people to be more physically active to improve their health and reduce their chances of becoming disabled or dying prematurely.


To learn more about this great initiative, click here