May Is Microchip Month

If your pet is not microchipped, you are taking a risk that they could escape and not be returned to you. This simple, painless procedure gives you much greater odds of being reunited with a lost pet. 


If you aren't familiar with microchips, they are small devices about the size of a grain of rice that are implanted between the shoulderblades of your pet. Each one has a unique radio frequency which can be ready by a common handheld scanner. 


We've found that Save This Life provides microchips with outstanding features: 

  • If we implant the chip, there is no registration fee and we help you get started. 
  • You get an collar ID tag with a number that can be searched on Google to find the contact info you provided. *When you register, you specify the method by which you want to be notified (email, text, telephone) and that will show up when the good samaritan searches your pet's tag number online. 
  • Lost Pet Medical Insurance up to $1000 in an emergency. If your dog escapes and is hit by a car, the veterinarian who receives him or her can take care of them knowing that it won't be a financial hardship for anyone. You pay the vet and get reimbursed in 10-14 days after submitting the claim. 
  • No annual fees (unlike many other chips)
  • Quick and painless

During the month of May, 2015,  if you get your pet chipped through us, you get $4 off the normal price of $44! Buy one for yourself, heck, buy one for a friend! 

Call us for an appointment today. It's quick and easy!
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