Traveling with Your Pet


If you travel with your pet, whether on an airplane within the continental United States, or to another country, there are rules with which you must comply. 


For travel within the U.S. where you will not be landing in another country, check with your airline about their requirements. Hawaii has very specific requirements about companion animals entering the state and will require more documentation than your airline likely will. 


For international travel or any travel where you will be going through a foreign country, even if your final destination is in the United States, please visit the USDA's website for specific guidelines. There you will find information on what each country's requirements are and what documents you need to complete in order to enter the country with your pet. Much of this has to happen within a short time before you leave the country, so being prepared and understanding the process will make this much easier.  


The staff at Pikes Peak Veterinary Clinic is here to help you with your paperwork and the process for certifying your pet to travel abroad, so please call us and schedule an appointment for your pet's health certificate.